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Beck Optronic Solutions

Beck Optronic Solutions has a history of designing and manufacturing precision optical solutions since 1839.  Based near London, UK, Beck Optronic Solutions has comprehensive engineering capabilities across UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands. The company’s products are renowned for their unique optical properties. Beck Optronic Solutions is one of few companies globally designing and manufacturing them.

On-Trak is Beck’s distribution partner of Reflecting Objectives for North America.

Beck Optronic Solutions is proud to be the manufacturer of the Original Beck/Ealing Reflecting Objectives.  Based on a two-mirror system reflecting objectives were originally designed for microscopy. Reflecting optics means that, in contrast to refracting objectives, they are totally free from chromatic abberations.

Reflecting Objectives

 In addition to these corrections, reflecting objectives have the following advantages when compared to standard refracting microscope objectives:

  • Longer working distances relative to the magnification;

  • Large numerical apertures for improved light gathering power;

  • High throughput from UV to far infrared;

  • Coatings available to enhance performance at specific wavelength regions;

Applications include conventional microscopy and beam delivery systems.  With their unique lack of chromatic aberrations they excel especially where a dual wavelength operations is required, such as alignment to a visible beam for working with an IR or UV beam laser.  Other uses include:

  • FT-IR spectroscopy

  • UV metrology and microscopy

  • Semiconductor wafer inspection

  • Photomicroscopy

  • Photolithography

  • Thin film measurements

  • Laser beam delivery systems

  • Laser drilling and etching

  • Product marking

  • Laser pumping

  • Thermal imaging microscopy

  • Other reflective objective lens applications

Beck Optronic Solutions Reflecting Objectives are available in six standard models as detailed below, or can be fully customized as required.


Numerical aperture

Focal length (mm)

Visual FOV (mm)


Working distance (mm)

Small mirror diameter (mm)

User adjustment for tuber-

length & cover glass thickness

Range of cover glass thickness

Range of Tube-length (mm)

   24.5                   23.2                14.5                  8.6                    1.9                     1.0

   7.30                  13.40               6.30                 5.60                   4.60                   3.35

      Fixed               Fixed               Fixed                 Yes                   Yes                    Yes

(factory set)     (factory set)    (factory set)     

0 - 3.0mm       0 - 3.0mm        0 - 3.0mm        0 - 1.0mm          0 - 1.0mm        0 - 1.0mm

   80 -                80 -               80 -                90 -                120 -              120 - 








    x15                   x15                  x25                    x36                   x52                   x74

   0.28                 0.50                  0.40                  0.50                  0.65                   0.65

   13.35               13.41                8.00                  5.41                  3.55                   2.54

   1.20                  1.20                 0.72                  0.50                  0.34                   0.24

 18.90%            19.50%               16.70%            12.20%            16.70%              13.30%

The Beck Optronic Solutions objectives are based on the work of C. R. Burch, who showed that by careful selection of the mirror curvatures and their separation, they are corrected for spherical abberation, coma and astigmatism, leading to diffraction limited performance.

If you require a clearance hole through the secondary mirror please contact On-Trak to discuss the options available.


Please contact us for additional detail on these products and others

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