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300CD Rotating Optical Chopper


Scitec Instruments Model 300CD is a high stability variable frequency optical chopper. The basic system consists of a control unit, a chopping head and a set of four chemically blacked photo etched discs. This system provides operation over the frequency range 5Hz to 3kHz. A wide selection of additional discs and accessories is available to extend the frequency range and to satisfy individual requirements.

  • 5Hz - 3kHz standard optical chopping frequency range (0.015Hz to 40kHz options are available) ​

  • 102mm diameter discs

  • Choice of control units

  • Compact optical chopper head

  • Low noise and vibration

  • Photochemically etched non-magnetic discs

  • Variable aperture

  • Range of accessories

The 300CD control unit has a 5-digit display of the chopping frequency. Chopping frequency can be controlled externally by applying an analogue voltage to a "Control" BNC. A "Reference" BNC provides a TTL level output, generated directly from the opto-switch on the chopping head. This signal has constant phase relative to the chopping action and can be used as the reference for other instruments such as lock-in amplifiers.

The set of four chopping discs included with the system (part number 300D) provides a choice of 2, 5, 10 and 30 slots, each having a 1:1 mark to space ratio. Variable apertures can be achieved by mounting two identical discs simultaneously. Additional discs, with up to 445 slots, are available to extend the chopping frequency up to 40kHz. Although the standard discs are chemically blacked other finishes, such as gold plating, are available.

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